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I went to see my doctor in CA, was told I had "Kidney Deficiency". What's that mean?

Dr. Pan: When we talk about the "Kidney" in Chinese Medicine, it is not a unique organ. Actually, it is more like a package with multiple functions. Chinese kidney is like the engine of the body. It is related to the water and bone metabolism and stores the essence Qi inside. It controls the reproductive system and opens to the ears. The adrenal glands, kidneys, uterus, and sexal glands, as well as some parts of the endocrine and immune system are included in Chinese Kidneys. So when we say "Kidney Deficiency", we mean one or more function mentioned above was not good enough, which does not mean you had "Kidney Failure".

I'm 34 and has been married for 8 years. I'm going to take IVF in 2 months and somebody suggested me to do acupuncture. Is that really helpful?

Dr. Pan: In a study of 160 women published in the reproductive journal. "Fertility and Sterility", German researchers found that adding acupuncture to traditional in-vitro fertility treatment protocols have increased pregnancy success substantially. Women in both groups got pregnant, but for the acupuncture group, the rate of pregnancy was higher — 34 pregnancies compared to the 21 in an equal number of women who did not receive acupuncture.

Two things – if you want plants to grow, you must have good soil and you have to prepare yourself in the same way for reproduction. That includes the uterus and hormones, and the hormones are like fertilizer. For this, acupuncture is very helpful.

My mother was diagnosed with lung cancer recently. She refused to do the surgery or any chemotherapy. Can acupuncture help her?

Dr. Pan: For any cancer diagnosed patient, I do suggest the patient to take more aggressive treatments. In the meantime, she may apply acupuncture as the alternative treatment. Acupuncture will work to help the cancer treatment in three aspects. First, it will help the patient to get rid of anxieties. Secondly, it will help to improve the immune system, which in Chinese medicine helps to improve the "Qi". Also, acupuncture helps to deal with some symptoms like cough, constipation, pain, low blood cells, etc.

Dr. Pan, this is Kim. My boyfriend just suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and was retained in the hospital. In Vietnam, I know we will take acupuncture treatments for his restoration. What do you think of the use of acupuncture in this case?

Dr. Pan: Hi Kim, I researched, for three years, in the neurological department in a hospital in China. In my experience, acupuncture's effect, when applied earlier, will be much better. Normally, the two months after the stroke occurrence are the best times for restoration treatments as they will help rebuild the functions of the neurological muscle system. After two years, it looks like nothing can be done for the neurological system, but keep the functions of muscles and joints. Hopefully, your boyfriend can take the acupuncture treatments as early as possible. Good luck!

Dr. Pan, what makes you a unique leading provider of Chinese medicine in Southwest Florida?

Dr. Pan: I had graduated from the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China in 1980's. My major in the school was ACUPUNCTURE, which required special courses such as Meridians, Acu-points, Acupuncture Techniques, Acupuncture Therapy, Acupuncture Classics, etc., in conjuncture with basic Chinese medicine and regular medicine. Graduates with this kind of background can only be enumerated in the United States. Additionally, I took my post-graduate in a medical university, specializing in endocrinology, before I began practicing Chinese medicine in the United States. My rich knowledge and experience of western medicine will definitely contribute to my clinical work which will serve my patients better.

What is acupuncture good for?

Dr. Pan:
1, Pain Management: Headache, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Neck, Back, Lower Back, Rotate, Elbow, Knees, Pudendum, PMS. Gout, etc. Automobile accident injuries
2, Emotional Disorders: Insomnia, Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attack
3, Bell’s Palsy and Stroke Restorations
4, Infertility
5, Quitting addictions
6, Weight management
7, Hypertension, Diabetes and Diabetic complications
8, Gastrointestinal Disorders
9, Immune Mediated Neuromuscular Diseases: Fibromyalgia, CFS, ALS, MS
10, Alternative Treatments for cancer after surgery and chemotherapy to rebuild the immune system and improve the symptoms
11, Health and well-being
12, Order blood work, Analyze Lab reports

Do you do cupping? What does it do?

Dr. Pan: Yes, we do cupping as our patients need. There are three types of cupping: stable cupping, mobile cupping, and flashing cupping. Normally, stable cupping is like a suction or deep tissue massage. It's good to relax the soft tissues. Mobile cupping helps to open the channels. Flashing cupping really helps to improve circulation.